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Clear objectives key at hotel training event

The value of having clear goals and objectives from training was clearly illustrated during a recent TMS Workshop with the business events team from Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand.

Facilitated by Tourism Marketing Solutions’ Tania Adolphe and Sarah Hillman, the workshop was used to ‘anchor’ two days of brainstorming, discussion around internal procedures and generally connecting as a team.

“We wanted the team to come away with confidence in selling their individual hotels, taking pride in what they do and how to cater for their clients’ needs,’ says Sam Horsnell, director of sales, conferences & incentives at Millennium.

“Our company brand is about connecting people to their purpose, so being able to teach the team how to extract the ‘why’ from clients and then adapt an experience around that is important.”

Horsnell says that with that in mind it was critical to have a cohesive approach to Millennium’s own training.

“Knowing why we were all there, having clear achievement targets and being able to measure those gave the exercise a clear sense of purpose that we could relate to along the way.”

With participants’ business events experience ranging from just a couple of months to more than twenty years, it was important that the workshop was pitched to all levels.

“The interactive nature of our programme means people can share past challenges and we can apply practical solutions through discussion and role play,” says TMS Solutions’ Tania Adolphe. “It’s also an opportunity to clarify the different buyer types – corporate, incentive, association and government sectors – and understand how to respond effectively to their different requirements.”