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Conservation partnership protects iconic Kiwi

A new kiwi conservation partnership will allow guests of Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand an opportunity to donate a meal or a ‘room’ for a night to Save the Kiwi. Guests simply reduce their own room servicing needs to ensure a kiwi gets food and a safe environment to grow.

From 1 July, every time a guest chooses the daily ‘no room servicing’ option at any of its Millennium, Copthorne, Kingsgate or M Social hotels in New Zealand, the group will donate a meal for a kiwi at Save the Kiwi’s kiwi crèche in Napier. For larger conference groups, for every five rooms that aren’t serviced by housekeeping, Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand will donate to a kiwi a room for a night in the kiwi crèche.

“Providing a safe place for young kiwi to grow, daily meals and a ‘room’ for their night in the Napier kiwi crèche has great synergies, as Millennium Hotels and Resorts does this every day for our guests,” says Stuart Harrison, managing director of Millennium Hotels and Resorts New Zealand. “Our support of meals and ‘rooms’ for kiwi are just the start of Millennium’s commitment to Save the Kiwi and an important part of our sustainability initiatives.”

Once the kiwi reach a ‘stoat-proof’ weight of around 1kg, usually at around three months, they are released into a predator-managed habitat in the wild to grow and breed the next generation of kiwi.

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