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Face-to-face meets VR in Napier

Getting back to face-to-face meet-ups feels great, but bringing in new tech to augment the experience gives people even more to get excited about, says Jacqui D’Ath, Napier Conferences & Events Venue Manager.
Napier’s bringing together the best of both worlds at its MEETINGS 2022 trade show stand this year, combining conversations in-real-life (IRL) with a 360º virtual-reality tour complete.
It’s been years since some delegates have walked around Napier War Memorial Centre IRL but now they can visit before they visit thanks to a local moving image company, a sci-fi camera set up and the friendly faces of the women who run the centre.
“The tech is exciting and the experience for the user is mind blowing but the thing that links the VR tour to the centre is the people,” says Jacqui. “The people you meet when you visit in person are the people who host you in this virtual reality world.”
Jacqui hosts the VR tour with Donna Ransfield, Senior Event Planner.
“It was an interesting experience pulling the video together,” says Donna. “It made us see our wonderful venue through new eyes and focus on the amazing assets we have here, not just in the venue but in the surroundings.”
VR viewers will get a real sense of scale of each space in the venue, and how they link together to envisage how their event could work best. Following the tour, they’ll have time to chat to the team about their specific requirements.

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