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Are you feeling the pressure to find more potential clients in order to achieve your targets?

Perhaps your challenge is that you don’t have enough staff, the database is outdated and financial resources are limiting your attendance at trade shows, and from doing the marketing activity necessary to reach your targets.

What will happen if you slip behind? No doubt it will be much harder to catch up and you may get to the point where you need an injection of leads. So, the question is how will you do that?

TMS.Accelerate – we connect you with qualified conference/event buyers through our monthly lead generation programme.

TMS professionals will proactively contact or connect with (via personal phone call or face to face) at least 100 qualified conference buyers per month to establish their current buyer needs in relation to your product. This will include securing leads for business, interest in product/region and updated contact details.

Why TMS?

We have over 2,500 qualified contacts on our national databases. These contacts have been built up over multiple years and we hold detailed information on type of business and conference/event history including numbers, month held and destinations/venues used in the past.

We typically secure several leads and many qualified contacts with genuine interest for your product each month. If only one of these contacts leads to confirmed business in most cases you would have paid for the programme! The life time value of these ‘new’ contacts can be immeasurable.

Please contact us for more information and a quotation for the TMS.Accelerate programme or call Tania on 021 334 480.

Testimonials and references available on request.