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TMS.Workshop options

TMS.Workshops are designed to educate and motivate all levels your team.

We offer two specific workshops to the tourism industry

  • Conference & Incentive Sales Training
  • Frontline Customer Service Training

Workshop details

  • An interactive day workshop at your choice of venue
  • Workshops are customised to your needs via a pre workshop planning meeting
  • Workshops are designed to unite and motivate your team to create a better understanding of your customers
  • The workshops are designed for 6-20 participants allowing for more interactive and personalised learning

In all of our workshops we focus on developing the right mindset, practical skills and  easily applied tools. We use a simple learn, do, review development approach, creating a ‘growth mindset’ learning environment which is really important for motivation and continuous improvement.

Please contact us for more information and a quotation for the TMS.Workshop programme or call Tania on 021 334 480.

TMS.Workshop Feedback

“This was a great workshop. As someone new to the industry I learnt a lot and hearing from people in a whole lot of different backgrounds and experiences was enlightening.”

“I found the information & length just right and it gave me the refresher I needed. Tania and Sarah are great.”

“As mentioned on the day, I really enjoyed this training. I wish I could have selected more on the “what module did I find most beneficial” as I really enjoyed all of them. Thank you again!”