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Training and collaboration key

The need for training and reconnection is greater than ever in the business events sector following the disruption over the past two years.

This was evident at a Tourism Marketing Solutions sales training workshop hosted by Tania Adolphe and Sarah Hillman in Rotorua in April.

The initiative was driven by RotoruaNZ’s business development manager business events, Vanessa Wallace, who was keen to bring the local operators together to collaborate and upskill them to secure more business events for the region.

Around 25 people attended whose experience in the sector ranged from less than a month to more than three decades.

‘The timing of the training was perfect,’ says Israel Suarez-Guido, general manager of Pullman Rotorua. ‘We’ve lost a lot of people who know how to sell, and the information presented in the course was gold.

‘Tania and Sarah think from the buyers’ point of view – everyone I talked to on the course found it very helpful, even the experienced people.’

Suarez-Guido says he took the information back to the hotel and immediately put it into action. ‘I hosted a site inspection and followed it up with an email thanking the guests for taking the time to visit. It’s a simple thing to do, but very powerful.’

Lynley Martin, business events sales executive at Skyline Rotorua, has worked in the sector for more than 30 years. She found the course an opportunity to take a fresh look at what she was doing.

‘There’s always something to learn. We looked at our business from the customers’ eyes, including doing an elevator pitch.

‘I went back to work and took a good look at my quotes and the words that we use. I have completely redone them.

‘The next day we hosted Tania and Sarah to a site inspection and we were able to put into practice the site inspection tips we learned at the course.’

The workshop was also an opportunity for Rotorua’s business events community to reconnect as the city prepares for business events to return.

‘It was wonderful bringing the Rotorua operators together and sharing feedback from our buyers,’ says Adolphe. ‘The team are enthusiastic, collaborating, and have altered their pitch using the region’s fabulous USPs and will now look at positioning Rotorua in a whole new way. ‘

Popular modules included prospecting and understanding your market, presentation and pitch, closing the sale, and follow up.

Caption :

Around 25 Rotorua operators attended TMS.Workshop training in April